Perrys - Fuel Distributors


The Early DaysIn 1948 Leslie Horace Perry (commonly known as LH) started as a sub agent to the late Dud Weston, drums were stored and delivered from the Warnertown family farm. 1949 LH was appointed the Crystal Brook Vacuum Oil Co Agent (now known as ExxonMobil). In the same period the first employee was appointed and the shop was set up opposite the Royal Hotel, just off the main street of Crystal Brook. 1950 saw LH become the 1st Oil agent to deliver bulk to the farmers in the Mid North of South Australia. A 2nd hand truck was bought while the oil company supplied a portable tank. 1948
1956-61 Family Business Grows1956 saw Les’ wife Yvonne become a partner in the business. Yvonne looked after the paperwork and the family. Yvonne often carted tins of oil and grease through the living quarters for customers, while LH drove the truck, carting fuel & bagged wheat during harvest. 1960-61 saw the purchase of a second truck and the employment of a driver and depot storeman to run Gladstone Depot. This period also saw the purchase of a first retail service station on Gadd Ave in Crystal Brook and the office reallocation to Bowman Street opposite the current newsagency.
Perrys Fuel Business Expands1968-74 LH’s three sons Kent, Robert and Phill joined the family business. Kent withdrew in 88 to run his own business. Since Leslie (2003) and Yvonne (2011) passing Rob and Phill, as co-directors, continue to run the family owned and operated business.The business has continued to grow and now services from Adelaide to Port Augusta and the Barossa to the Yorke Peninsula, with numerous retail outlets and bulk delivery points across these areas, currently employing 48 people. 1968
Our Future Mission: We continue to maintain and expand our client base, continuing to offer good service to our customers at competitive prices.

“My aim was always service with honesty, with the help of our staff today, that is still our aim. We have always enjoyed a good relationship with our supplier, and an understanding bank manager. To so many, not forgetting my family, I say Thankyou.” Quoted by the late Leslie Horrace Perry.