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LH Perry & Sons Pty Ltd is an independent, family owned Fuel Distribution Company. Started by Leslie Perry in 1949, the company has continued its family ownerwhip with no oil company equity. Perrys is a distributor of Mobil fuel and lubricants through its bulk deliveries as well as BP fuel and lubricants through its service station and reseller sites.

Perrys originated in the Mid North of South Australia. While our head office is still located in Crystal Brook, the business has expanded to now service areas from Adelaide to Port Augusta and the Barossa to the Yorke Peninsula.

Along with our bulk fuel and lubricant deliveries we also deliver, supply and connect residential LPG bottles and heating oil directly to the customer’s doorstep.

Perrys pride itself on ‘service to its customers’ with the present staff having served over 300 years between them.